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  • Steuern Sie Ihren Erfolg wie ein Kapitän auf dem Ozean
    Geschrieben: 05.12.2010 um 15:47 von Mike
    Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie befinden sich mit einem Schiff mitten auf dem Ozean. Sie stehen auf der Brücke und haben das Steuerrad in der Hand. So weit, so gut. Sie können also entscheiden, wo es langgeht. Aber: wo geht es hin? Was ist Ihr Ziel? Und... [mehr]
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    In diesem Artikel wird die Vorgehensweise bei der persönlichen Leistungsoptimierung mit easyPDC kurz dargestellt. [mehr]
  • Mit vier Schritten auf dem Weg zum Erfolg
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    Erfolg zu haben, ist einer der wichtigsten Antriebe unserer Zeit. Dementsprechend hoch ist die Bedeutung von effektiven Werkzeugen und Methoden, die auf dem Weg zum Erfolg unterstützend wirken. easyPDC, der digitale Erfolgsmanager, ist eine... [mehr]
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    easyPDC 3.1 Beta verfügbar. [mehr]
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      Due to the special nature of geothermal heating, very strict requirements on the floor, geothermal dedicated floor must have a good thermal conductivity, thermal stability is better, better environmental performance, resistance to deformation good "four good" requirements. We recommend choosing laminate flooring. Because the thickness of the composite floor mostly in the 7 ~ 8mm, it is easy to heat geothermal system is conducted to the surface, and the surface of the flooring is a metal oxide layer of a wear-resistant, heat diffusion in the surface very quickly and evenly.
      The wood floor is relatively thick, usually about 2cm in thickness, and the installation Shihai fight keel, so the heat is not easily conducted geothermal system to the surface, and thermal conductivity of wood is very low, this will result in waste heat, but also make the surface temperature uneven, feel the temperature difference is very obvious. Import quality of the floor to the European Enpr13329 standards, domestic floor quality meet the state GB / T1802-2000 standards, can be adapted to the technical requirements of geothermal heating floor installation, a number of qualified brands currently on the market have reached this standard.
      The effect of locking type floor better, because the hook-linking between the floor leaving a small gap, so the expansion is also difficult to take shape. In order to increase the heat conductivity, bedding material and thickness of the floor should not be too thick, heat the floor standard thickness is 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, laminated flooring should be 6 ~ 8mm, three parquet 8 ~ 9mm. Recommended that consumers use caution while, try to use small size, preferably 200 × 40 × 10 makes up the square or chevron, making thermal deformation evenly. If you choose laminate flooring can choose Dekor, Courtyard, regal, macro-resistant, the EU Code, Park Lane, and other famous brands dedicated to heat the floor. These manufacturers strict requirements on the density of the substrate, the strength of the same thickness, permeability, good heat dissipation, heat resistance after special treatment.

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Import quality of the floor
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  • [ Vorschau]
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      Laminate wood flooring maintenance is relatively simple to use, in everyday use, as long as the note the following, we can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

      1, all with wooden floors will increase or decrease in humidity or temperature changes in the environment to change its moisture content, floor Chau Shen shrink. It should be the same as to protect the skin, keep the floor reasonably aqueous army.

      2, usually without waxing floors and paint. Do not be polished with sandpaper.

      3, it is recommended to place kicking at the door rub pad, to prevent dust into, damage the floor.

      4, stains and grease the floor surface to clean it with a household cleaner, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor.

      5, dry area, increase the humidity in winter should pay attention to the floor surface with a damp mop to appropriately increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the generation gap and the floor cracking. Individual locations as cracking, please notify the sales unit, the local padded handle. After filling, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, the floor in order to facilitate recovery.

      6. Please note that the rainy season shut the windows to avoid the rain into the interior.

      7, heating, air conditioning and other indoor facilities maintenance Please note, in order to avoid leakage soaked floor. Should you notice the floor soaked in water, should be immersed in water as soon as the floor was removed, dried or processed promptly notify the sales unit in the shade.

      8, bathroom and kitchen door, the water should pay attention to timely cleaning.

      the article come from:simple install composite decking material
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Laminate Wood Flooring...
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  • [ Vorschau]
    • Themenvorschau
      <p>Huge market demand and technological breakthroughs will inevitably continue to broaden the WPC market channels. Demand from the market point of view, wood is most likely to begin to expand the scale of building materials, outdoor facilities, logistics, transport facilities, furniture and supplies. Seven, 10,000 tons of wood materials for major equipmentpool deck boxes</p>
      <p>Scientific name: impregnated paper laminated wood floor finishes. Based on one or more dedicated dip lag thermosetting amino resin pavement in the particleboard, medium density fiberboard,recycled polystyrene picnic bench</p>
      <p>high density fiberboard and other wood-based panels substrate surface, plus the back-balancing layer, positive plus wear layer, formed by hot pressing floor . First, strengthen the development of the history of the floor particleboard manufacturer in 1985 by Austria and Sweden,laminated wall panels cost in the philippines</p>
WPC market channels
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  • [ Vorschau]
    • Themenvorschau
      FIFA 17 cover Royce is very keen on the championship, 27-year-old rocket career has not yet won the championship trophy this season Duo Teji present no hope to win the league, the European Cup and also declared out, only Germany can win the cup. Against this background, in Paris, the Champions League and competitiveness will be interesting to join the fifa 17 coins.

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      http://www.playerhot.com/games/FIFA17/Golds is a fifa 17 xbox 360 coins online seller from An Hui and the company offers FIFA 17 Coins at irresistible prices. The company has also put in place an automatic delivery system with which customers can get their orders within five minutes after they place their orders. The company's customer service is excellent also. Their live-help is available on all the days of the year.
Our site is to bring FIFA...
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      We all know that more and more widespread use of ecological wood, its quality will become very important, you know how good or bad ecological wood test it? Want to know take a look at these points below us to introduce better test it good or bad, better use.

      First, check the ecological wood surface appearance
      First, to observe whether the surface uniform, plump, smooth, a seamless paint, bubbling, eyelets and other phenomena. There is lubrication interfaces finger along the notch along the touch, there is no rough feeling.

      Second, Show patchwork effect
      First, to observe whether the surface uniform, plump, smooth, a seamless paint, bubbling, eyelets and other phenomena. There is lubrication interfaces finger along the notch along the touch, there is no rough feeling.

      Third, the dimensional stability of the test product
      Conditions can sawing 200mm long material is placed at about 80 �� for about 1 hour to see the deformation, if large deformation can not be used at high temperatures.

      Fourth, pay attention to see anti-counterfeit labels
      To see whether the regular manufacturer's products. To view the manufacturer's trademark, production address; buy ecological wood note security signs. There should be selected password security and other measures to deal with the product, relatively high trust point.

      Fifth, to view environmental parameters
      Green is one of the most important elements of a modern decor, eco-wood products currently on the market are more environmentally-friendly decoration materials. Some of its products by the level of environmental protection in Europe and America the highest level E0 grade environmental protection, but also afraid of the business was mixed, so I chose the time to pay attention to environmental parameters of the product.

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How to check the ecological...
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